Bring your older parents together via aged parent visa

Bring your older parents together via aged parent visa

Australia is one of the most renowned and ideal country which is highly considered for immigration in the whole world. There are some visas offered to foreigners by australia include permanent residence visa, visitor visa, student visa, working holiday visa and temporary work visa. Australia is greatly known to provide tons of opportunities and experience to non-natives or immigrants who are based on the particular visa applied for. Every year huge number of emigrants drawn to this country for its cultural diversity, high employment rates and high wages. In Australia, there is a huge demand of skilled workers and lower supply similarly. Australia welcomes people from different countries to stay and work in the great country as well.

Basically, there are numerous motives that make australia a great country for immigration.

One of the great thing about australia is skilled people can bring their aged parents together through aged parent visa.

Aged parent visa

The aged parent visa is for elderly parents that allows older parents to live in Australia with their family. People who are living in Australia for more than 2 years can bring their aged parents together via aged parent visa.

The aged parent visa of Australia is the duplicate of parent visa subclass 103. This visa is only suitable for those candidates who are acceptable for Australia age pension. It should be sponsored by spouse of one children or child.

Eligibility for aged parent visa subclass 103

Aged parent immigration australia is done on the basis of eligibility criteria. To be qualified and eligible for PR visa by subclass 103 visa you require to fulfill some requirements which are mentioned below-

  • You must have acceptable and eligible sponsor.
  • You should be aged enough to be eligible for Australian aged parent visa.
  • You are required to meet health and character requirements.
  • You must meet balance of family test.
  • You need to have assurance support for at least 2 years.

Costs and fees of Australian aged parent visa

The total fees of aged parent visa is $6010. People can pay the fees of this visa in two instalments, of which $3945 is to be paid on demand or application and the remaining $2065 is to be paid to the department.

Note- this is not the flat amount, it can increase and additional charges may be taken for further requirement or any other additional requirements.

How much time it take to get approval?

Each financial year, the Australian government provide limited space for permanent aged parents visa. The applications are processed and lodged only when the doorstep is reached, then the applications will be considered in the next financial year. Currently the waiting period for this visa is 30 years.

If you want to bring your parents together in the Australian country. Apply for new aged parent visa Australia which will assist you in this condition. You can directly apply for Australian aged parent visa via visa bureau sites pr migration lawyers who will assist you in eligibility criteria.

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