The impacts of secretagogues in bodybuilding

The impacts of secretagogues in bodybuilding

Growth hormone or GH is a major anabolic hormone produced by the pituitary gland.  Growth hormone is used by the bodybuilders and the athletes in a rampant way because it remains undetectable by the drug testing methods. Numerous studies testify that using growth hormone alone provides true anabolic effects but bodybuilders rarely use GH alone.  It is often used with other anabolic hormones, insulin, and testosterone. GH is also used by older people. It drops by 14 percent in a decade and the researchers say that loss of GH and IGF-1 are responsible for the loss of mental and physical functions in older people.

Scientists discovered that small amino acid peptides interact with the body to stimulate GH. These peptides are six amino acids, known as secretagogues, which are linked together. Researchers have also discovered another natural GH secret agogue, called ghrelin. This peptide stimulates the natural release of GH in the body and drugs like MK-677 have been developed that can mimic the effects of these two peptides. The secret gogues drugs are more advantageous than the GH injections. They can be taken orally without any loss of activity. They boost the natural release of GH in the body. The pituitary gland continues to synthesize it throughout the whole life in older people.

Effects of growth hormone

Growth hormone boosts muscle size and strength. Several pieces of evidence indicate that the combination of insulin, testosterone, and growth hormone are responsible for the noticeable difference in muscle size of the bodybuilding competitors. GH is not highly anabolic in nature but when all the three hormones are taken together, they offer an unimaginable anabolic effect. Studies revealed that GH secret agogues like MK-667 enhance the production of GH in the body of both young and old. This drug produces GH in both adults and older people and they regain lost lean mass to the extent of 20 percent.

The growth hormone injections are known to reduce the visceral body fat but MK-677 does not show any effect on that area. The rise in fasting glucose and decline of insulin are common with the GH injections. This drughas an appetite stimulating effect and some even experience lower muscle pain.  In fact, the low-density lipoprotein saw a decline in the users of MK-677. A high LDL is related to cardiovascular diseases. A few preliminary studies say that when young men are given MK-677, it boosts the release of GH and even aids in lean mass gain. Moreover, it can also reverse the GH effect by increasing appetite.

Dosage recommendations

The dosage recommendation depends on the form of the compouns. The injectable form of MK-677 is used by the bodybuilders at a dosage of 25 mg per day for almost 8 weeks. Though hormone secretagogue stimulates the natural release of GH, it is usually not used alone but in combination with products like Cardarine to improve endurance, energy, and enhance metabolism. MK-677 is also used with selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs like Andarine to reduce fat. Some of the bodybuilders stack GH products with anabolic steroids to get varying results. The dosage recommendation in a stack varies and depends greatly on the steroid used in the stack.


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