How to hack a Facebook account?

How to hack a Facebook account?

Facebook is a popular social networking website which provides strict algorithms for security of its user accounts. But still, inspite of any security in the internet world, there is also a scope of hacking and phishing too. Some people want to hack facebook accounts of other users, for personal reasons or for fun also. But due to a lot of security, this is a difficult task and you must use some tools or have some expertise for doing this. There are many apps and tools that will help you to hack a facebook account.

If you are thinking how to hack a facebook account, then you should make use of online tools. There are many paid and free tools available for this purpose online and those are quite easy to use. Some common ways to hack a facebook account are as follows:

Facebook password hacker

5 ways to hack a facebook account:

You must have some basic information about the person whose account you want to hack. Here are some common ways to hack a facebook account hacker with the help of online tools.

  1. Phishing: This is done using fake login pages of Facebook. These pages are known as phishing pages or spoofed pages. These pages should resemble login pages of websites such as Gmail, yahoo etc. the victim must feel that the login page is genuine and must enter the login id and password. Using this way you can steal the login details.
  2. Keylogging: you must install a keylogger application on the computer of the person remotely or locally. This application can record the keystrokes into a log file and then you can get the required password to hack.
  3. Primary email address reset/hack: you can compromise the primary email address of the victim and then ask Facebook to send link to reset password.
  4. Social engineering: you can retrieve the password of the user by answering the security question. If you know the victim then you can ask him about the answers to the questions in a tricky manner.
  5. Password re-use: There are many people that use the same password for all their accounts. Compromise one account and try the same on Facebook.
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