An intro to E-cig and vaping

An intro to E-cig and vaping

The world of vaping can undoubtedly be confusing and scary for many beginners who are not helped by the abundance of misinformation.

Since many people cannot or do not want to do their research to separate the facts from fiction before buying their first electronic cigarette starter kits at a store like ours here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS), we thought it would be useful. A quick and easy vaping guide.

As the name implies, electronic cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are an alternative to tobacco and have become a popular aid for many people who want to quit smoking. We know it well here at EVS since our employees are former smokers!

How do electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking?

It is important to remember that tobacco addiction is not only related to nicotine intake: for many people, the smoking process itself is a pleasure that is difficult for them to quit.

This is where electronic cigarettes can be so invaluable. Not only are they considered healthier than traditional cigarettes due to the lack of literally thousands of carcinogenic by-products contained in the latter, but they also allow the user to continue enjoying the physical act of inhalation to which they are accustomed to smoking.

electronic cigarattes

The use of electronic cigarettes is also known as vaping, which may or may not include prolonged inhalation of nicotine. This is because the electronic liquids used with electronic cigarettes do not always contain it, which allows users to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in their mixture of electronic liquids so that in the end they can completely abandon it.

Get everything you need for a pleasant vaping with us.

Vaping involves the use of a power source, usually a lithium-ion battery, to power the atomizer, which in turn heats and evaporates the e-liquid. Although this is a fundamentally simple process, it means that you must have the right equipment and fluids to make the most of geekvape vaping.

We know that understanding all the different items related to vaping, such as E Liquids, which you can buy, from tanks and reels to modifications and all other small accessories, can be confusing.

That’s why we created a special section for beginners on our website to help you get your bearings when it comes to everything, and, of course, if you have additional questions, you can contact the EVS team.

Why wait longer to start vaping, maybe invest in one of the many great electronic cigarette starter kits currently available in our warehouse?

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