Let’s find out all the benefits Scholarships

Let’s find out all the benefits Scholarships

The Program aims to facilitate the student’s study path through financial support, up to the sum of € 11,600 , for the entire three-year course of study, by covering the main items of expenditure listed here:

Board and lodging (including university canteen expenses);

Public transport, local transport, car-sharing and bike-sharing, travel related to training activities;

Sports activities, membership fees and annual subscriptions scholarships for children in foster care.

Cultural activities, entrances to theatrical performances, museums, congresses and seminars, exhibitions;

Computer and electronic equipment (hardware and software);

Musical instruments;

Language, computer, music and in-depth courses or other courses related to

formative plan;

Books and magazines, subscriptions to periodicals, libraries or online databases.

Taxes, school fees;

Activities promoted by the Florentine University;

Online Mentoring

One of the main activities of #TMM is that of online mentoring, a training methodology in which all children are followed and accompanied within various virtual educational projects and workshops.

Here’s what they are:

Digital laboratories: they are identified as new educational paths able to favor the development, in an extracurricular dimension, of awareness and skills. Also in this case, the students will be guided by qualified tutors, who will help them to focus on their potential and interests, in view of professional and human growth.

They are empowerment laboratories at the university, a laboratory for the strengthening and construction of a telegram,  a laboratory of potential and vocation, a #created laboratory.

We school platform: virtual classroom specialized in the management of projects and online training courses. On this platform, tutors periodically offer students heterogeneous ideas such as: articles, books, sites, news, videos, comics and other content that is attractive to students and useful for reflecting on current issues.

Skills gym: Training course designed by online tutors to broaden the horizons of the participants and encourage the deepening of knowledge in different disciplines.

The idea is developed in three thematic areas: STEM area, linguistic area and transversal competence. In this way, students are allowed to improve both in scientific subjects, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science, and in the humanities, improving their vocabulary and awareness of their own language.

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