Why to travel by bus from Kl to genting

Why to travel by bus from Kl to genting

The benefits of bus ride and why to travel by bus from Kl to genting reasons are.

Better use of personal time

Using the bus instead of driving frees up time to do something that you enjoy. Use your journey to catch up on emails, text your mates, read the paper or do the latest Sudoku challenge. Or simply relax, let someone else do the driving, and plan for the day ahead.

Faster end to end journeys

Prioritised traffic lights and dedicated bus lanes on main routes allow buses to get through the city quickly. Buses with few stopping points are often just as quick as the car. Buses also help to reduce congestion on key routes by taking more cars off the road.

Low cost

Using the bus is an economical way of travelling if you compare ticket costs with the true cost of motoring. This is especially true if you buy multi-purchase or season tickets.

Roads are expensive pieces of infrastructure. One bus can do the job of 40 cars and significantly reduce the demand for road improvements.


With a pedestrianised city centre, the bus can often get you much closer to where you want to be than a car. This is especially useful in bad weather or when carrying heavy bags. York has five main bus interchange points in the city centre.

Better mental and physical health

Obesity is an increasing concern for society. Regular exercise can help, such as walking to and from the bus stop. Getting off a stop or two earlier can also be an easy way of building up your physical activity.

Using public transport builds independence and personal confidence especially amongst young people; it can also foster a real sense of community for regular or older travellers, seeing familiar faces on local routes.

What’s more, at the discretion of the bus operator, you can usually take your dog with you on the bus provided the dog is well behaved and is kept off the seats. F

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