What is the purpose of a British Spouse Visa?

The spouse or partner of a British citizen or a permanent resident of the UK may apply for a UK spouse and partner visa. The family might relocate to the United Kingdom after obtaining a UK Settlement and Spouse visa. If you don’t have British Connections, we got you covered.

What Is a UK Settlement Visa?

British Connections

To qualify for a UK settlement visa, a person must have a UK nationality parent or spouse or be a permanent resident of the UK. You and your family may migrate to the United Kingdom if your application for just a UK Settlement Visa is accepted. Know all about & apply bno visa.

It is a Tier 1 visa, which means it is highly sought after. You should expect to hear back from the UK Border Agency in Hong Kong within 12 weeks after applying for a UK Settlement and Spouse visa outside the country. A fast-track option is available at an additional expense, however.

Visas for UK spouses and settlements in Hong Kong are available to anybody who meets the eligibility requirements.

A UK spouse and settlement visa may only be obtained in Hong Kong if the following requirements are met:

  • If you’re married, the legal recognition of your union in the United Kingdom is required.
  • Bank account savings are essential.
  • Your command of the English language is adequate.
  • You must prove where you will be staying in the United Kingdom.
  • To be eligible for a UK settlement or spouse visa, you must meet additional criteria besides these three fundamental ones.
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