Vacationing In Vietnam – What You Get To Experience

Vacationing In Vietnam – What You Get To Experience

It has grown, and continues to grow, into an extremely popular holiday destination. Especially if you need a change of scenery, the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City might be fun. Of course, there is plenty of sights and sounds around the country for you to see. So if you’re thinking of having a holiday, or you’re just in need of a bit of travel, here is what you can see and do if you visit this Southeast Asian land.

Get Outdoors

There are plenty of Vietnam holiday packages, but if you want to backpack across Asia, you can still do all the fun outdoor activities that the most visitors revel in. There are water sports, like kayaking, bicycle tours, and trips to one of 31 national parks, home to some unique biodiversity.

The Capital – Hanoi

An ancient dynastic hub, Hanoi is worth visiting for its historic and modern sights. the Long Bien Bridge, Turtle Tower, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Perfume Pagoda, and Temple of Literature are just a handful of these sights. Marvel at the famous lakes, the reason for the nickname “City of Lakes”. Take a trip through the Old Quarter, and see some of the old architecture, as well as the night market on weekends.


Pearl of the Far East

This is the nickname of Ho Chi Minh City, the metropolis formerly known also as Saigon. Some of the amazing sights to see if you have a love for the city, is the Opera House, the Notre Dame Cathedral (no, not the one in France), and the incredible Ben Duoc Relic of Underground Tunnels. If you’re looking to experience some of the culture, visit one of many theatres in the area, which are beloved by locals and tourists alike.


Vietnam holiday packages will no doubt include hitting a few restaurants, where you can have some of the famous dishes, like pho, nem cuon, bun rieu, cha ca la vong, and bun cha. This country is so famous for its foods that you’ve probably tried some of the cuisine in other countries too. However, there is nothing like tasting the authentic local dishes. Visit some street vendors as well, if you feel a little adventurous.

You can always visit any of the hundreds of museums that house ancient artefacts and the histories of the many dynasties from imperial times. If you aren’t looking for something old, stay in the Paris of the East (Hanoi) or any one of the metropolitan marvels all over the country. These cities, especially at night, are well worth exploring. Don’t just take anyone’s word for it. Visit Vietnam now, and see for yourself.

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