From Getting Palma Airport to Alcudia

From Getting Palma Airport to Alcudia

You can reach to Alcudia from palma airport in a number of ways. The most common methods are hiring car, getting a bus, or by pre booking a vehicle. The choice of selecting the mode depends upon your budgets and the time and schedule you agree upon. Once you are known about the above things you can very well select the best method for yourself and your family.

Alcudia is situated on the non- coast of the island that is approximately 59km to 39 miles from airport. The roads are very easy to navigate and it is around 40- 45 minutes’ journey by car.

Modes you can opt for travelling from Palma airport to Alcudia

By hiring car

If you are deciding to hire a car outside the airport to get to alcudia then it makes your journey relatively easier and dive is not too far. You have to only exit the airport follow the signs to palma and get into the main highway. Later you will join auto via ma – 19 to the palma city. If the car you hired was from the car hire sites, then you will simply lead to gas station highway which makes the destination shorter.

By bus

The bus route on the island are quite extensive and by hiring bus it is possible to travel to many different places. But most of the bus routes do not run at night time or at the time of weekends or at the time of winters. But if the direct bus route is not running two connecting busses are available at the same route but the waiting time at the route exceeds the overall time to the destination.

By taxi transfer

These taxi transfers are the most convenient and easy way to reach Palma airport to Alcudia. Perking your own vehicle can be a difficult task during the time of summers so taxi transfer is the best to eliminate the road stress. The taxi area outside the palma airport is directly outside the ground floor. Mostly the taxis are waiting but it is also possible that sometimes you need to wait in a que for hiring the taxis. Before starting the journey at the taxis fix your price to later on avoid yourself to be getting indulged in any variable price arguments.


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