VPN Services In China- The Pros And Cons

VPN Services In China- The Pros And Cons

What is VPN?

VPN is the short form for Virtual Private Network. It is a connection used for the addition of security and privacy in the otherwise unprotected virtual world. It is true that even though we are approaching a more technologically advanced world, our data, and online activities are not protected. The internet that we so blindly have faith in, is actually used as a means to track us and our activities.


How does it work?

so basically what the VPN中國 does is that it would give you a virtual IP address. It is well known that our IP address can be used to track back to our computer, but with the VPN, you are allotted another IP address. For example, if you are a resident of California, by using a Virtual Private Network’s gateway, you will be shown as a resident of Paris. The VPN not only masks your virtual identity, they also offer services to encrypt your data transfers.

There are many advantages and disadvantages with using a VPN


  1. Security
    If you are worried that your internet footprint can be checked, then you should use a VPN as an extra pad of cushion. They offer you privacy not only from hackers, but also the government. With this type of security, you should not have to worry about your data being leaked, as to hackers, all will be seen in an encrypted form.
  2. Anonymity
    By using the VPN you can move about the internet without being traced. Some sites have geographic restrictions to viewers, by using a VPN, you can surpass that geographic restriction and gain access to more internet coverage.

With advantages comes disadvantages, here are some disadvantage of using a VPN

  1. Illegal usage

Some countries have made the usage of VPN illegal. If you live in a country that has made the use of VPN illegal, then you should not be using it in anyway. This is to avoid any prosecution.

  1. Data Monitoring

The basic reason to why people have started using VPN is to secure them from data monitoring, but by using some VPN services, you might be signing yourself up for data monitoring. VPN may hide your IP address, but they might also monitor your data.

You should educate yourself before taking a big step. For countries with strict dictatorship, maybe opting for VPN services may just be the answer. Look up for VPN 中國 and see which would suit you better.

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