The Vast History Of Blue Coat Solution In Web Security

The Vast History Of Blue Coat Solution In Web Security

Over number of years, Blue Coat Systems has been playing its major role in digital security industry. It has enhanced its offerings and abilities and now, there are 15,000 Organizations being across the world. Its security platform will help one to protect network from multiple things like hacking, virus and other digital issues. It provides digital analytics and improves performance of network. By grouping performance of network, security issues, it helps companies to embrace the cloud. It is really a valuable source to network infrastructure of any Organization.

A Very Advanced Web and Cloud Security:

It is one of the important views of security platform. Its proxy architecture is able to fulfill collection of security issues. Besides its presence in protecting from web and network related threats, it also has its presence in Organizations to protect data in cloud. Apart from data protection, it also controls business policies across enterprise and cloud systems including web, social and mobile networks. It is able to bring out the solutions from any kinds of risks. The inclusion of secure web entry, secured cloud and secured cloud access under proxy architecture makes this to play a vital role in more numbers of Organizations.


Web Security:

The web security of Blue Coat acts as entryway between network users and internet. Its responsibility in verifying at traffic is playing an important role to check out malicious programs. It also ensures presence of secured content. Blue coat secure web gateway includes ProxySG is the key place for number of features. It just combines multiple products to form a single product without presence of any traffic. It identifies cloud application uses. It helps in prevention of data loss, reduced issues and ensures visibility into encrypted traffic. ProxySG from Blue Coat is expected to bring Global intelligence network with non-stop intelligence on new issues. It uses partnership of Blue coat with more than 15,000 global enterprises to maintain security measures up to date.

Cloud Contained Web Security:

The number of executives and employees can access their solution from any place and at any time. The Blue coat’s cloud delivered secure web entry works as On-Premise. Instead of just running on-site, it is also able to work as cloud source. This product is used as point of verification for mobile users in order to protect companies from being faced traffic. The cloud service is able to identify new web content and also classify in real time with better than 90% of accuracy.

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