The essential needs of Blue Coat

The essential needs of Blue Coat

Blue coat is a one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks. It is used to protect customers from the next generation of attacks. It helps for governments, companies and secures the most important data. It is founded on 21st August 2002. It is used for authentication and authorization issues. This web security tool is used to determine the susceptible areas on websites and make the changes to increase the strength of application’s resistance. Depending upon the system only to choose your web security tools and it is easier to install and with a user friendly interface. It must be determined how many people access web application and what is the information they have access. For this, Blue Coat is the best example of web security testing tools. It provides many ways to control the threats and secure the important data.

The Blue Coat Security system – Features:

The best testing tool is incomplete with add-ons like HTTP editors and web proxy. This tool must allow the creation of logs from URL submission. The good security tool will provide many ways to control the threats. In the security testing, all the areas of scanned need to be equally addressed even every client connected with online. For global enterprises and governments, Blue Coat is a one of the leading provider of advanced web security solutions. Our main aim is to protect enterprises and their web or network users from the cyber threats. Blue coat system twitter can protect whether the users on the web, on the network, in the mobile or mobile. It provides maximum protection for the complete computing environment. And it offers a comprehensive solution with the functional benefits of multiple numbers of products.


Benefits of Blue Coat Security Platform:

It brings an integrated security platform and these emerge network, security and cloud requirements. And it with the six advanced solutions that work uniformly well across on managing environments, premise and cloud. They are,

  • Web application protection
  • Proxy based traffic inspection and policy enforcement
  • Network performance optimization
  • Encrypted traffic management
  • Incident response, analytics and forensics
  • Advanced threat protection

Because of this security actually raise the “five 9s” reliability, performance, and in-line traffic inspection at actual network speeds. There are two teams in Blue Coat. They are security team and cloud team. In that, security team brings the advanced security features. And then, cloud team used to protect our application, infrastructure, data and services.

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