Symantec bought Blue Coat Systems in 4.65 billion dollars deal

Symantec bought Blue Coat Systems in 4.65 billion dollars deal

Blue Coat Systems is one of the top end cyber security service providing companies located in Sunnyvale, California. It got the recognition of the global leader in the cyber security. This company is operating the world’s biggest cyber intelligence network to protect various enterprises from the threats and new generation of cyber attacks. The team of experts at this Blue Coat company can help several government organizations, enterprises, and also the individuals to secure their most valuable and confidential data in the safer manner.

Deal with Symantec Corporation:

Although it is the most successful company and a leader in the cyber security industry, Blue Coat was acquired recently by the Symantec Corporation. Symantec agreed to purchase the Blue Coat Systems Inc California based company in the deal of 4.65 American dollars. This new deal provides the best computer security service company with the new portfolio of the cyber security technologies and a new CEO. Mr. Greg Clark is the chief executive officer of the Blue Coat.

He is set to take the same role also at the Symantec Corporation once the deal has closed. The working period Greg as the CEO of Symantec company will be closed before the October. Now, the Symantec Corporation is searching for the new chief executive officer. At the same time, the private equity company called Bain Capital LLC that controls the Blue Coat Company will decide to invest nearly 750 dollars to proceed back into a combined company to form the debt convertible into the equity.


Symantec Corporation:

Computer security is currently the main topic of discussion in the enterprise level meetings and the corporate boardrooms.

  • Symantec Corporation Company is an initiative in providing the best range of anti-virus software which is running on the personal computers.
  • Once Blue Coat was acquired by this company, the domain of the blue coat will be known for both the computer security and the cyber security.
  • The best security technologies are used by both these Symantec and Blue Coat companies in order to block the inappropriate and dangerous websites to avoid anonymous access.
  • The chairman of the Symantec Corporation who is Daniel Schulman and also Clark have decided to combine their company with the Blue Coat systems to providing such a great range of cyber security and computer security solutions to all the customers.
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