Sophisticated intrusions and development in advanced threat protection

Sophisticated intrusions and development in advanced threat protection

The Blue Coat systems bring together advanced and sophisticated technologies to protect against the full array of recent threats. The latest security strategies developed by Blue Coat protects your company from continuing threats, detects sophisticated malware and automates the number of virus attacks and malware quarantines. Blue Coat offers complete day-to-day protection and has a well equipped team which can work with other security systems to strengthen your organization.

Compared to virus attacks in the past, today’s threats are far more malicious and advanced intrusions take the form of continuous attack, attacks aimed at particular software, zero-day threats and malware. These viruses are causing data theft through illegal access by intruders since the defence system employed operates in separate units and fails totally when it comes to working of the entire organization.

Here comes the hand of blue coat which simplifies the challenges posed by malware and other advanced intrusions by providing a platform that helps the organization to

  1. Prevent and detect advanced malwares and threats.
  2. Bring together security technologies across the work environment.
  3. Employ a single security policy through the organization.
  4. Bring in high tech security response and forensic functions.

    Secure system concept on Video Wall

Malware developers use various attacking methods to misuse the network platform and bypass the ancient security methods. Blue Coat offers an integrated security system which filters even the most sophisticated malware through procedures like malware sandboxing and analysis, white listing, blacklisting and static code analysis to ensure that even the most advanced intrusions may be screened. Further it brings together different security systems under one roof for increased protection against advanced attacks. Blue Coat systems in contrasts to other security systems will offer online inspection when connected with Blue Coat security gateway. In the field of forensics, Blue Coat keep tracks of all the past intrusions and attacks that may have missed our attention. This helps to bring down the reaction time to respond to the attacks and thorough investigation is done on all captured malwares and their effect are highlighted to security team and the security system is improved to make sure that similar threats will be screened in the future.

It is clear from the above paragraphs that Blue Coat better known as Symantec Security System has done a revolution when it comes to software security systems are concerned and it one of the best cyber security provider in the world.

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