5 Instagram User Habits Since It First Present Untill Now

5 Instagram User Habits Since It First Present Untill Now

How long you have been Instagram user? Not remember the first time you use this app, and haven’t knew what did you post? If you’re remember, there was filter name Vignette on Instagram and feel cool at the photos. At first, it looks cool and you can get many likes by this filter. In present, this filter isn’t regret by Instagram. Now, you can use auto likes for instagram without regret what filter which you used.

At first Instagram appear, people do not debate of their argument on the comment, only sharing and seeing what they like on Instagram. But now, Instagram user habits has been change, but several things aren’t never changed until now.

  1. Angle an object

Ever there was a time, your instagram feed, we see images from different view. But many posts hve taken in the same angle. They will take the same angle because they do viral challenges on Instagram.

  1. Selfie

Duck Face, Fish Face, Wefie, until they pretend don’t know where is the camera. Many Instagram users share selfie picture with different style.

  1. Filter

Since Instagram appeared, it offers many photo editor tools and also it filters. Instagram users always use the filters to make their pictures be more attracted, and get more likes. Although there are people who buy auto likes for instagram to get mor popular.

  1. Hashtag

Hashtag is used to make a specific post on Instagram.FYI, hashtag #love is used more than 1 billion times.


At first, comment only used by people who have known each other. But now, the comments can be a “beattle” zone for debate, and also many haters appears from Instagram, espescially on Selebrity account.

Instagram already evolved very far since it was first present in our lives. From being an application for the same share of people nearby, until now become a symbol of success and stalls selling. Who would have thought, the level of success one is judged on how many the followers and likes which they get.

Make you what? How is Instagram change your life? Or is it you who change lives through instagram? The answer is on you.


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