Buying Women’s Rolex watches

Buying Women’s Rolex watches

Rolex watches are popular among both men and women. There is huge selection of watches offered by Rolex which leads to confusion from where to start. Obviously when you are buying for the first time, always look at models and styles and get to know about others feedback. Not only style, there are other reasons to choose Rolex watches. They are – models, dials and bracelets.

Popularity of Rolex watches

Colors of the dial- Many of the Women’s Pre owned Rolex Watches have two to three dial options. But, black is quite popular as chosen by many. Black color is also termed as sharp, sexy, fine to flaunt it. After black color, white dial is most sought after model. Since the color is bright which makes dial of the watch to read time easily. Darker shade dials can be difficult to read the time due to smudging.

Dial Markers– Rolex goes through many difficult processes from selection of material, choosing perfect color, cut, clarity to stay close with standards. Dials are made up of diamonds and pearls, making dials so bright which women love to accessorize them. Markers on the dial are mostly Roman or Arabic numerals. Both are easy to read even in dark because of yellow or white gold markers make dial look best.

Models– there are many popular models which are aesthetic and never go out of style. Few over sized ladies timepieces and both old and new models are great fit on women with taller frame. Steel versions are more popular due to its shine. Watches made of solid gold continue to be favorable with women all time. Currently more women are sporting yellow golds. All these models are appreciated over time.Rolex Watches37

Selection of the bracelet– in addition, the selection of bracelet changes the entire look of chosen Rolex. So choose carefully which one suits best along with dial and wrist!

Oyster– this time piece is popular with sports loving women as it features 3 piece links which make the look sporty and casual. It does not suit better on women with thin wrists due to length of each link.

Jubilee– this bracelet comes with 5 piece links and comfortable on wrist. The links are made up of shorter length which allows more control over customizing size.

While these watches easily fit into your budget, the watch lover in you will enjoy the choice and selection that you can indulge in.

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