When In Montana: Best Things To Do

When In Montana: Best Things To Do

Outdoor enthusiasts consider Montana as a haven for their adventurous selves. Whatever physical activity you can think of, you can do it in Montana. Water sports, biking, winter sports, and hiking. It even has one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in the United States. Those are some of the most common activities people get themselves involved in. The rugged beauty of the place made people call it Big Sky Country. There are luxurious accommodations, amazing restaurants, and lots of entertainment in the area. Montana is a dream destination for several reasons and people often visit for more than once.

Glacier National Park

Looking at the astounding one million acres of paradise will leave you breathless. You can trek over 700 miles of hiking and biking trails and then drive down 50 miles on the Going-to-the-Sun road. After that, you can cross the 7,700-foot-high Logan Pass and see Reynolds peak at 9,100 feet. If you get tired, you can rest by one of over 130 stunning lakes. The wildlife dense park interior will get you lost by its beauty in an instant. This place is Montana’s most popular tourist attraction. People also call it the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem and nobody dares to argue with that. Most people who visit end up planning a second trip or even more trips. A single trip is not enough to enjoy all the wonders it can offer.

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Ringing Rocks

The Ringing Rocks of the Boulder Batholith found outside of Butte, Montana are unique. They make melodic chimes when tapped with a mallet or something similar. Only a few places in the world have these kinds of interesting formations. Other places with these are Pyongyang in Vietnam, Orissa, India, and Africa. There is no scientific explanation why the rocks ring. Nobody can also explain why the formation no longer rings when you remove one of the boulders.

The Museum of the Rockies

This is a must-see in Bozeman, Montana. The museum is an extension of the Smithsonian Institute. Well-known for anything related to dinosaurs, plenty of tourists visit the museum. You can see eggs, skeletons, and realistic models of various species in this museum. The largest Tyrannosaurus skull and a T-Rex skeleton, called Bike Mike, are part of the collection. There are also artefacts of the Plains American Indians and pioneer exhibits. A preserved log cabin from the 19th century, Tinsley House, is also a wonder you should not miss.

There are so many stunning places you can visit and tons of exciting activities in Montana. If you fall in love with the marvelous place, Whitefish Montana real estate is a great option. Live in Montana and let your adventure never end.

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