Great Ideas for Canvas Prints

Great Ideas for Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are very popular nowadays, but how can you choose the best for your home or office? There are many popular custom photos and types of canvas prints online, but why not add something unique to your place of living? You can put images in a grid to tell a story or combine photos to achieve special effects in a room.

To help you with this choice, we have created a list of great ideas for your custom canvas prints:

1.   Mix Black and White Photos onto a Colorful Canvas

Make your photos black and white and mix these along with colorful paintings, quotes and custom images. This does not have to end here – you may even choose a single color canvas and add only black and white photographs to get an elegant effect on the wall.

2.   Combine Your Kids Photographs

If you are a family person and have kids in your home, printing out their photos is the best thing you can do for the home décor. Make a collage of photos of your kids growing up and place this canvas in your living room.

3.   Create a Collage of Special Memories

We all have some special events and memories that make us happy, so why not put these on a spot where you can see them every day? Make a collage of images that carry strong, happy memories and place it where you can see them and relive the moments.

4.   Order Inspiration Collages

Your office can be a dull place if you spend endless hours in it, which is why adding some motivational quotes to it is not a bad idea. Create a canvas of beautiful places you would like to visit, quotes that motivate and inspire you and of course, your family. Solely looking at your family can make you feel better in an instant.

5.   Place Canvas Prints above the Eye Level

If your room is small, give it some height by placing a canvas painting above the eye level. This can make the room look bigger since people would have to look upwards to see the print.

6.   The Wall of Kids’ Art

We all love our children’s paintings, so why not put them up on the wall? Make your child’s art long lasting and turn it into a canvas print. Even hand drawings can become canvas gallery prints.

7.   Match the Frame with the Room

The frame of your painting should always match the look or décor of your room. Look for frames that will make the photo stick out, yet fit the existing décor of the room where it is being placed.

8.   Make a Canvas Print Gallery along the Stairs

Placing canvas prints in descending positions is now a very popular way of displaying your favorite photos. Use this opportunity to create a small gallery along the stairs.

Canvas prints are a wonderful way to make your home more beautiful. Choose your favorite idea from our list and add some elegance to your home or office!

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