Take speedy action in case of hit and run accidents

Take speedy action in case of hit and run accidents

A hit and run case is referred to an incident wherein a driver causes an accident, either by crashing into another vehicle or knocking down a pedestrian or a property and runs away without offering any help to the injured. As per the Traffic Safety Administration of the US, ‘in every 100 road accidents, there are at least 11 are hit and run cases. Also, it says, there are more than 4 percent of such cases in which injuries are fatal.

What you should know about hit and run cases

If you have been a victim of a hit and run accident, understand that in all the 50 states of the US, a driver who flees after causing an accident is to be regarded as a criminal. In most of the hit and run cases, the drivers are not punished because the victim is unable to identify the driver. The victim is in such a state of shock that he may neither be able to note down the number of the car, let alone be able to describe the driver, because all these happen in seconds.

Anyone can be a victim of hit and run cases, a pedestrian, a bicyclist, another vehicle and so on. A pedestrian can be involved in an accident while crossing the street or while waiting and so on. A reckless driver can cause accidents everywhere.


It is a bicyclist or a pedestrian who has a risk of suffering maximum and grave injuries as they are not armed with highly protective gears. A bicyclist will be at least wearing a helmet but a pedestrian has none. Even children can be a victim of hit and run accidents.

What should you do if you are a victim of hit and run case

  • Take a moment but be alert. Assess what has happened. Be on your toes
  • Dial emergency 911 immediately
  • If you are well enough to be on your own after the accident, try to gather how much information you can from sources, witnesses, and others
  • If you have at least noted down the tag number, well and good but if you have not, note down what you remember. Note down the color and make of the car.
  • Get your pictures clicked so that the injuries are visible. Also, take pictures of the spot where the accident was caused.
  • Share all information with police only
  • Check the report and point out if there are any mistakes or void
  • Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Whitby right away. In most of the hit and run cases, the victim stands helpless as he is not even in a position to recollect which vehicle caused the accident. Some may not even be able to recall the color or type of vehicle. There is so much trauma and pain that one is not able to take any positive action. A personal injury lawyer can help you deal with such a situation. They will don their investigative cap and try to find the identity of the driver by all means.


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