For the Best Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong – Head into Nathan Road

For the Best Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong – Head into Nathan Road

Hong Kong’s Exotic locale is a significant destination for anybody planning on touring Asia. As a key travel centre Hong Kong is where many vacationer frequently stop over for a couple evenings to take in the sights and hints of this small isolated former colony of England. And remaining in Hong Kong is not affordable. However in case you head into the popular area of Nathan Road you may very well snag yourself an inexpensive hotel with the perfect comforts.

In Hong Kong, Nathan Road runs from the southern tip of the Kowloon Peninsula and all the way up close to the new territories. So it makes complete sense that this famous road is called the Golden Mile.

However, what makes Nathan Road a particularly strategic place for a hotel stay is that it goes through many very popular and consistently bustling areas. Better yet Hong Kong’s super efficient and well air conditioned MTR subway system has channel entrances all along Nathan Road. Another advantage is that the Airport Express buses makes regular stops along the road also.

One of the Best affordable hotel hong kong along Nathan Road is the Prudential Hotel. What may surprise many in case they travel frequently to Hong Kong is that Prudential’s rooms are a great deal larger than the vast majority of the resorts throughout Hong Kong. The location cannot be beat too. Lots of restaurants are nearby offering tasty Cantonese style cooking in addition to a huge selection of culinary delights from neighboring Asian countries. There’s a MTR train station entrance beneath the Prudential as well. A normal room here usually cost approximately 620 HK dollars including using a roof top pool.

Next Commendable cheap hotel in Kowloon is the lkf hotel. Yes it is somewhat far up in the end of Nathan Road yet the area this hotel is in is still quite occupied with many places to visit and eat because it is located in Prince Edward locale. And there’s a MTR train station nearby so it is not so bad. The Newton was of late renovated yet the rooms here are miniature that is average in Hong Kong. A typical room at the Newton will set you back 590 HK dollars. Guests here will be amazed at how small the rooms at the Casa are. But for 550 HK dollars you will be in the prime area. And the Airport Express transportation is ideal beyond the hotel’s doorsteps.

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