Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

If you ever wonder as to why we feel comfortable at one particular place, and feel completely uncomfortable at another this could possibly be because of the colour the walls have been painted in. we usually get attracted towards a certain colour and tend repent another, all inherent aspects of color psychology. Nobody has ever truly found an actual equation that states there is a definite link between color and its effects on our mood, but there seems to minimally affect how we feel. This is why you should think carefully before painting the colours of your walls a certain colour. You need to know how you respond to each colour. Given below are tips to choosing the colours of paint for your home.

The smaller the better

If you don’t have a colour in mind, and do not know where to begin the process, start by experimenting with a few colours in a bathroom, your hall or an accent wall. You can either be getting a professional interior fit out company to handle the task of painting for you, or wanting to tackle the task on your own. If you happen to do it yourself, it is best to select an area small in size, so once you start painting you would be able to see the results quickly. Once the paint has dried up you will be able to see the definitive results and if you’re not happy with what it looks like you have the option of changing it because you started on a smaller canvas. Try matching a color of any of the furniture that is lying around, or an artwork that you’ve hung. This can be a good start.


Your mood comes first

Whenever you are choosing the colour, you have to think about the mood of a particular room. Each room needs to give out a certain mood, and the colour of the walls have to depend on this. A bedroom, for instance would want to exacerbate the feeling of being rested, and soothing, therefore would call out for lighter and softer colours matching the interior architecture as well. A dining room on the other hand would want to appear as formal and socially stimulating, thus require a neutral colour. As for a child’s room, the atmosphere has to give a feeling of excitement and energy, owing to much brighter colours.


Most homes have interior architecture in Dubai carefully thought out to provide the right amount of light for a particular room. This is the same with paint. Different types of light bring out different shades of a colour. Natural lighting tends to bring out a colors truest form, whereas fluorescent light causes the colour to look more blue and dull. If ever you come to the point of painting a wall that is close to a window test out a small proportion of it, because most colours tend to be too bright and give an uneasy ambience.

Add drama

All houses tend to merely paint their walls without any texture. This just makes a wall look flat and uninteresting. One way to make a room pop, is to add a wall with a certain amount of texture in a rather subtle way. This addition of drama, will be the change a room needs to turn it into a masterpiece from a flat and dull looking ambience it previously had.

To have a room that is adored by all your friends and family, follow the above steps and paint it to your desire.

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