Topmost Reasons Why Food Materials Need Carrageenan

Topmost Reasons Why Food Materials Need Carrageenan

As we are engaged in the world of health and wellness, it is very important to know what is carrageenan?  Carrageenan is nothing but an ingredient extracted out of red seaweed. Just like gelatin, it is also utilized to thicken the food materials, including non-dairy milks, yogurts and ice cream. This substance has been widely employed by cooks for more than hundreds of years, as it has been extensively approved and reviewed for using in foods. It is really good to hear that Carrageenan can easily be prepared in your home kitchen using do-it-yourself process.

The process simply involves cooking seaweed together with a little bit salt, including a little pinch of food-grade alcohol and stirring it in a household blender in order to release the natural and organic carrageenan. I think that you are now well-informed with what is carrageenan? Now, you may doubt that it is really safe or not to be used in the food products? Yes, carrageenan is absolutely safe. Regulatory authorities all over the world in addition to the United States, China, Europe, Brazil and Japan have found that carrageenan is safe for using in the food substances.


Carrageenan is getting added to several food products for the following reasons:

  • For texture of the products: This is because, no one likes watery ice cream or yogurt. Also no one likes uneven foundations or chunky protein powders.
  • For preserving products for an extensive period of time to extend the lifetime of products: In case that you want to make your food fresh including your processed food, then there becomes a way to manage the freshness of your food materials and carrageenan assists with that.
  • Upholding and certain other big issues: In this modern world, there are even people across the world, who have only a limited supply of food. But with carrageenan, we could able to transport goods in large number from around the world to those in need.

Not to mention that some may wrongly assume that carrageenan causes cancer, but it’s absolutely a fake one. Carrageenan is certified for human consumption and so, you could find within the products, which we make use of every day. In fact, carrageenan could not reach your organs as it is completely excreted while consuming with food. Thus, there is no need to worry about consuming carrageenan and instead, you can take it together with your food without any fear.

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