A peaceful serene environment is what a trauma patient needs. A change of location is important if full recovery is to be achieved, especially for trauma patients whose environments contribute to the trauma. Sage Recovery Villa offers an ideal treatment and recovery venue.

This 15 bed luxury recovery villa is located outside Austin, in Manor, Texas. This country side villa offers the right environment for physical, emotional and spiritual recovery of trauma patients. The 24 acre site where the villais located offers an ideal space for the patients to relax adequately, away from the traffic and sounds of the city.

Benefits of residential treatment at Sage Recovery Villa

  • This villa is located in the country side, away from the pressures of life that is the city. The peace and quiet gives the patients an ideal environment for reflection of the causes of trauma and find ways of dealing with it.
  • The 24 acre space where the villa is located offers adequate space for recreational facilities like the pool and fully equipped gym. The garden where organic food is grown is an attraction to the villa as it not only ensures healthy meals for the patients, but an activity as well for patients with a green thumb. For a patient to see a seed grow to a plant may be significant to their lives as well; a new beginning.
  • The villa can accommodate 15 patients. This is ideal for the patient because he is likely to meet patients he can relate with based on their shared suffering. This makes healing faster than if the treatment was taking place at home where he is the only one experiencing trauma. Patients offer encouragement to one another especially during group therapy.
  • Isolation is good for patients who have a problem with substance abuse. Taking them away from the source of the trauma helps the patients to develop new habits and hobbies that will preoccupy them. Patients may find gardening or swimming therapeutic yet they have never considered these activities for relaxation.

The peace and tranquility of this facility have a positive impact in the wellbeing of trauma patients.

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