Know the Benefits of the live blood analysis

Know the Benefits of the live blood analysis

Live blood analysis is a modern technique for providing real-time viewing of fresh blood samples by using a special form of the microscope. It is possible to find haematic changes in this way, and they can be classified to provide a quicker and more precise diagnosis. In detecting some otherwise difficult-to-detect conditions, live blood analysis practitioners has proved particularly useful.

Live Blood Analysis Function

The method is not complex and can be done during an appointment, allowing the analysis to be shared by the patient. A sample is taken from the fingertip of the patient and placed under the dark-field microscope. Dark-field microscopy illuminates the sides of the sample instead of highlighting the background. For a real-time image of platelets and smaller particles, the picture is transferred to a display.

With Live Analysis, which diseases are better diagnosed?

Pathological changes in the body appear to first induce haematic changes, but through stained slides, most of these changes can not be seen. It is possible to diagnose disorders with symptoms, although this is inaccurate.

Oxidative stress, oxidative stress

This condition indicates that food and environmental contaminants are most generally caused by an excess of free radicals combined with a deficit of dietary antioxidants.

Important Fatty Acids Ratio

In chronic inflammatory conditions, fatty acids are a vital component, including pelvic inflammation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and heart disease.

Infection vs Allergy

A fast method of discerning between symptoms caused by allergic reactions or infections is supported by live blood test analysis.

Impaired Function of the Liver

The liver is involved in every hormonal pathway of the body. Through trial and error, dieters can try to fix underlying liver problems, but live blood analysis is quicker.

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