Keep In Mind When Using Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is an artificially made combination of water with other organic and inorganic components such as creatinine, phosphates, sulfates, chloride and urea. This is mainly intended for laboratory applications. Although it simulates all the physical and chemical properties of human urine, I know that it has substantial advantages such as the absence of any type of waste. Therefore, it can be used in places where real urine cannot be used due to infectious diseases and hygiene.

Which synthetic urine is for

Equipment calibration – to help calibrate different urine test equipment is the main objective of synthetic urine. Human urine will not suit this because its composition varies considerably due to many different factors.

Education – Students are trained to carry out urine analysis tests as well as clinical experiences on urine false.

Science – This is also used for different scientific purposes.

Diapers – This is also used by layer manufacturers. They use it to test the quality of their products.

Test of cleaning agents

This is indeed very famous among sellers and marketing specialists because they use them to demonstrate the efficiency of the cleaning agents they offer. These include cleaning agents for furniture and carpets.

synthetic urineAlternative medicine

Keep in mind that this is not recommended for internal use. But for those who find the use of real urinary urinary therapy in alternative medicine or even in various disgusting cosmetic purposes, this product can actually be used as a substitute.

PRANKS – It is also the best product for people who like to play various pranks such as the bed or the clothes of the wet friend. Using it will make the joke less offensive and cause fewer problems.

Pass drug tests

 It is true that this product is used by many to pass a drug screening test. In fact, it is among the most popular applications of this product. It can be used to replace the real one because it does not contain any evidence of drug use. Therefore, this offers a 100% guarantee of a negative result. Today, it is very difficult to detect fraud, regardless of the training of laboratory staff. Know that the latest commonly used product formulas perfectly imitate human urine. In addition, the two have the same composition and appearance. Despite the fact that the authorities allocate a large amount of their budget to fight against this, they do not succeed 100%. In fact, the use of synthetic urine so that people can pass a drug screening test increases each year.

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