How does endocrine disrupting chemical’s affect the female reproductive system and health?

How does endocrine disrupting chemical’s affect the female reproductive system and health?

How does it happen:-

This is the exposure of the female body to the endocrine disrupter. It occurs due to food and water contamination to these substances that directly enter into the body. Through that it gets into the blood channels. Later this enters the uterus where the fetus is in a growing condition. With that the fetus gets exposed to the endocrine disrupting chemicals that prevent the organochlorine from entering the embryonic circulation. It is the duration of the organogenesis when the hormones get into a balanced condition. But due to these chemicals they get misbalanced. This is also continued after the birth when the mother feeds the child. Through the lactating milk the disrupting chemicals gets into the body of the child. Through this there are disturbances seen in the body of the mother and the child due to the endocrine disruption chemicals. In this the endocrine disrupter binds to the specific hormone and alters its function.


What does it do to the regular female reproductive process:-

Inside the female body, there occur several processes among which reproductive process is quite a delicate one. This involves the activity of several hormones which associates to expression of certain characters and even to the fetal development after mating. This relatively affects the normal participation and synthesis of hormones creating abnormalities in menstrual cycle irregularities, impaired fertility, and endometriosis and poly cystic ovarian syndrome which is going to help with come rimanere incinta. This is going to create modulation of the concentrations of estrogens, thecal androgens and thyroid hormones. These endocrine disrupters have the ability to modulate these hormones that are vital to affect the female genital function. These have been confirmed from the disrupters like DDT, diethylstilboestrol. It is mostly found with the women who are exposed to these chemicals do suffer from various kinds of disorders. They are reported to cause menstrual irregularities, altered uterine structure, infertility, miscarriage, premature births and breast cancer like problems. These endocrine disrupters are particularly the xeno- estrogens that divert the normal hormonal synthesis and secretion.  Rather than this it is also seen that the function of the placenta might also get modulated by these endocrine disrupters. This contains the CYP1A1 enzymes that is induced and the poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – related DNA adducts into the placental tissue are found in the placenta of the pregnant women to the organo chlorine chemicals.

 Let us take the example of the female menstrual cycle to see the effect of these chemicals on the women body:-

These are the endocrine disrupting chemicals which affect the function of estrogen and progesterone and alter the reaction process. This process affects or alters the natural menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility. It is even reported that exposure to these disrupting chemicals like that of pentachlorophenol that has been the cause of infertility. This is mostly in the hypothalamus or the suprathalamic level that leads to mild ovarian or adrenal insufficiency. It is very well known that the endocrine system is completely involved in controlling maturation, development, growth and regulation of body chemicals. This includes the participation of glands like that of pituitary, pancreases, adrenal and the hormones. Now a day there are a lot of videos available which would help you understand come rimanere incinta.


There are a majority of hormonal changes being observed when a woman becomes pregnant. To make the system quite convenient it is important that one must understand the process in detail.

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