Facts about liver transplant

Facts about liver transplant

On the right side adjacent to the rib cage, liver is situated. The main functions of it are to process fats, proteins whereby toxic substances like alcohol or drugs are broken down as well. It is responsible for the chemical components that help the blood clot. If the liver is known to fail, then the ability to clot blood is lost along with processing the nutrients for life. It is also responsible for secretion of a digestive juice known as bile that is going to accumulate if the liver is not known to function in a proper manner.

What is the essence of liver transplantation?

It happens to be a surgical procedure, where the deceased or damaged liver is being replaced with a healthy one. It is a very demanding and time consuming procedure. In the end stage liver disease or acute failure of the liver it is normally undertaken.

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Who are the candidates for a liver transplant?

People who are known to suffer from chronic or acute liver pain are possible candidates of liver transplant surgery. To get the ball rolling you would need to figure out whether you are a candidate of it seriously. It is not only to figure out whether you are a candidate but the physical and emotional aspect of a surgery needs to be considered as well. The main points of consideration on whether you are a candidate for liver transplant surgery is dependent upon

  • The existing condition is going to be benefitted from a liver transplant
  • The surgery should go on to do more good than harm

Who is not a candidate for a liver transplant surgery?

There are certain candidates who are not considered to be a candidate for liver transplant surgery as the successful outcome is not likely. It includes the following

  • If you are suffering from sexually transmitted disease
  • Cancer has spread to any other organ apart from the liver
  • Suffering from active infection
  • Advanced lung or heart disease
  • Excessive substance abuse

How is the procedure done?

  • Ideally the surgery is going to take around 6 hours, but it could also be longer due to the difficulty faced with the surgery along with the experience of the surgeon
  • Liver transplantation is performed under the influence of general anaesthesia
  • Before the surgery is about to take place, a lube is being placed in the mouth of a patient that leads to the windpipe which is going to help the patient breathe during the operation
  • In your abdomen a Y shaped incision is made and then the deceased liver is being removed. The donated liver is then inserted and attached on to the bile ducts as well as the blood vessels. At the end of the surgery the incision is being closed
  • To be part of a successful surgery the procedure tends to take around 7 to 12 hours.

The top liver transplant hospitals in India tends to have zero waiting lists which means that the surgery is performed within a day or two of your admission.

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