The drug Dianabol was manufactured in the 1950s and given a name as Dianabol by Dr. John Ziegler. As soon as it was discovered it became the number one for the athletes and bodybuilders. They were very excited with this product as it could be used as a standalone and also along with other supplements to fulfill their daily requirement. These don’t exceed 5mg and 10mg capsules in regular labs and pharmacies but 50mg capsules are made by underground labs for the black market consumption and who want to procure these steroids without prescription.

This steroid also offers a sense of well being in the feelings of the consumer and this euphoric attitude prevails during the whole intake cycle of Dianabol steroid. A two week dosage period is always recommended by the medical health practitioner; however, it is always advisable to check for the same before getting started.


A Few Pointers about using Dianabol

The weight increase results in formation of muscle as well as water retention, as Dianabol aromatize and have high estrogenic properties. So Dianabol should not be used by body builders when the competition is close and has less duration left. The Dianabol intake must not exceed 30mg per day and the cycle must last for four or six weeks. When using Dianabol, if workout is also done it will be safe. A two week dosage period is suggestive always. It is important to take less dose of Dianabol, so that it will not affect body and slowly body gets used to the steroid. When less Dianabol is used for stacking so the steroid is used for muscle building. Low dose Dianabol is used only for start of a steroid cycle and is recommended for first time users. Dianabol will help in taking nutrition and motivate the body builder for better performance. Dianabol cycle can be used in different circumstances. Beginner can use Dianabol for four to six weeks for better body gain. When an expert user can use Dianabol in inject able form so that it is more effective for quick gain. Dianabol can also be used as supplement for training along with nutrition.

Those Steroids that help to increase nitrogen retention within muscles, enhance metabolic rate and promote androgenic activity are considered as best steroids for bulking. Since, Dianabol does all of this and more, it is considered to be one of the best steroids for muscle building and body building for athletes.

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