3 things that matter in boosting your endurance

3 things that matter in boosting your endurance

Endurance is the power or the energy that you maintain to overcome challenges. When you have endurance it means you are enduring the challenges ahead. It doesn’t mean that even if your activities doesn’t necessarily demand physical activity, that you no longer need endurance. Endurance is a combination of mind, and physical drive. If you endured a 16 hour shift making reports without making any mistakes, that is already endurance.

boosting your endurance

When we mention endurance or the topic is all about endurance, people always goes to the topic of exercise. Exercise is the main action in order for you to increase your endurance and that is not questioned. But the fact here is that there is more to endurance than just exercise. People overlook the other stuffs, but today we will discuss something that most people with endurance articles does not discuss. It’s “the other stuff”.

The food that we eat: The food is your fuel, if you don’t eat you won’t have the energy or the endurance for that matter, to help you last or survive your activity. But not just any fuel, specific foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein. If you eat less or you eat wrong, it can affect your endurance, that is the reason why athletes have specific diets

You should learn about mind conditioning: The body can only be as good if you have a strong mind. There are times that, even if the body is weak that a person can still endure tasks thanks to the will of the mind. That is why when athletes train, they don’t just train with the body, they also train with the mind. Soldiers have this training, that is why they can endure almost anything, if you can have this kind of a conditioning, it can help you even with the most challenging exercises, helping you do more and endure more beating every time.

The importance of a good warm up: There are specific warm ups for every exercises and the best thing to know about that is through research. Warm up is as important as the exercise itself, the more that your body is conditioned for the beating, the better your endurance and performance will get. Warm ups help you prevent getting injured from your trainings or exercise. If you don’t have one or you don’t know the right warm up, do some leg work to know about it and once you do and apply it, you will see and experience the difference of a good warm up to your performance and endurance.

There are many ways to boost your endurance, but always never forget about the “other stuff” as well, like proper nutrition, mind conditioning and a good warm up. These are the thing that can be easily overlooked, especially if your mind is all about the work out. Boosting your endurance is more than just exercise, it’s the combination of physical activity and the “other stuff” that people usually take for granted.

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