Yeti Butting – A New Trend

Yeti Butting – A New Trend

Nowadays, everything gets easily socialized or spread among the people due to the rise in the demand and popularity of the social media. You must have seen even the weird things gain a lot of popularity on the social media. Anything which comes on the social media spreads quickly. Nowadays, you must have seen on Instagram the pictures of college girls in thongs sitting on a cooler showing their butt. This is trending nowadays, and is called yeti butting. Now, you must be thinking what is yeti butting?

Yeti butting is basically a pose in which a girl gets her picture clicked in just thongs showing her entire ass by sitting on a yeti cooler. Due to the use of the cooler, the term yeti butting is coined. The picture looks really hot with a girl all naked just wearing a thong and showing her butt completely. . It’s a new trend started in the colleges of America where, a girl sits on a yeti cooler and shows her butt.

what is yeti butting

The picture looks too hot and such pictures are trending on the Instagram. Every college girl is posting such pictures in which, she is sitting on the yeti cooler and her ass is visible over the thong. The pictures really look hot and sexy. Many people have not even heard the word and must be wondering what it is all about. The name has been coined just because of the yeti cooler on which the girl sits. The youth of this country are very frank and stylish. They don’t think a lot before doing any experiments. The latest pictures of the college girls in thongs showing the butts are an example of this.

There are many people who don’t take such pictures positively and treat them as vulgar. The boldness seems to be bad for them. But, if you like these pictures then, you should not think what others think about it. One thing is sure that the butt in the thongs looks sexy. There is nothing wrong in showing off your assets if you have a good one and posting such pictures is an example of that. Moreover, there are many pictures which you can see on the Intagram in which, a girl shows all her assets and is completely nude. But, in yeti butting, only the butt is visible and that too is covered by the thong.

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