Tips to Choose the Platform to donate your favorite goods

Selling your after-usage products for a particular profit is a hard task. People will not prefer already used products and they most probably like to buy new products in the market. But, some people would like to buy the used products in moral conditions. To help those people in buying such products, they have developed many ways and applications. There are also software’s developed by the developers to find out the needy persons and to help them. GoodCity is an application developed to make donations and charities to needy people. You can download this app through the play store and can operate using mobile phones.

To use this application, donor users can sign in to the phone app or website and should upload photos of their favorite items. After getting approval, the users can arrange for delivery of pre-loved goods to Crossroads, and once they deliver the items, other companies can easily browse them and select the items they would like to pick up from the place of Crossroads warehouse.

They offer quality goods for charity to people and organizations. By using this app, you can also find the different charities that pick up donations and you can donate the goods accordingly. You can simply post the pictures of your goods and products on their page and they will help you in selling and buying products to their customers. It is more important to post the products that are in good working condition. You can donate different household items like,

  • Furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Electrical items
  • Computers and more

They provide fast and commercial transport facilities to pick up and deliver the products at a particular time without delay.

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