The war against racism

The war against racism

Even though we are living in a highly modernized world, still there are traces of racism around the world. The only difference is the form of racism will get varied from one place to another. In United States, the racism is ruling in the form of black and white. The black people are also provided the lesser position when compared to the white. Even though many white people are against it, the traces were not cleared out even in current scenario. The recent incident is the best example for it. A person who belongs to black community was severely injured by the white cop. And finally the victim has also lost the life for no reason. Apart from these, there are several other incidents which can be stated for the presence and violence of racism.

happens when an individual or gathering of individuals detests others for having various compositions of their skin


The people who want to fight against this act against humanity cannot find a better solution through gun. They can show their protest and can also find a better solution for these problems only by creating the awareness among public. There are several ways through which the awareness against racism can be created. They can use the social media websites in order to speak about it and to reach more people within short span of time. They can also use the anti racism products which are available in the market. For example, the black lives matter shirt can be used in order to support the black community. Likewise several other products are available in online. One can make use of it according to their convenience.

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