Get The Best Vocabulary Developing Package With Seed’s Children Bookstore!

Get The Best Vocabulary Developing Package With Seed’s Children Bookstore!

The world of fairies, superheroes and dangerous villains full of whims and fancies is always an exciting escapade from reality. It is an adventure to slip away into our imagination, creating our landscape and characters. Young minds are easy to shape and build with the power of creative and imagining skills, and reading could be their best friend. Books give the wide expanse and colourful themes to decorate the words in whichever way possible. Seeds children’s bookstore aims for providing the best help to budding readers with specially crafted book sets and packages to dig deep in the world of colours!

The Product Details

Every book or device selection is curated with the age group of the children as the major concern. Cheerful and attractive print and packages glue the young readers easily to them. The store has customised the Usborne reading collection from a well-known publisher.

  • The package contains two sets of books with differing reading levels. The list chosen is designed for a gradual increase in vocabulary and skill development.
  • Divided into two; all the books have pictorial representations along with easily understandable language.
  • Famous literary masterpieces from Shakespeare’s plays, Charles Dickens or Jane Austen, are transcribed to younger versions in a most creative way.
  • The sets are designed for the age group of 6 to 10 years.

The store also has phonics learning and teaching kits with CDs and picture books to aid the learning process.

Educational institutes or even parents can encourage young children to read with the help of the best-crafted books and products to sharpen their skills at the raw age.

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