BR1M is continuing in 2018

BR1M is continuing in 2018

BR1M program is one of the main scheme of Barisan National government to fulfill the needs of the people. The government of Malaysia is trying to extend this program to many years and also to increase the amount of payment as RM 1200. This program is efficient and plays main role in developing and improving the financial condition of low income people and families in the country. With this, many people may get registered to this program to acquire the BR1M 2018 form on online and apply easily. Through this program, the individuals are paid once and household families with RM 3000 income are paid RM 1200 in three installments. The household families with RM 3000 to RM 4000 income, are paid RM 900 in three installments. The government pays the people by depositing in their bank account or giving payment vouchers. The people with no account in bank can take this voucher and get cash by giving in any of the bank linked with BR1M program or government. This program helped people in stimulating their financial standards.

semakan brim 2018

E-br1m 2018

BR1M in 2018 will be available in online. The people who did not apply till now for this program can register through online using going to the Malaysian government website of BR1M. Mainly, e-kasih with monthly income RM 1000 or less must apply in 2018 ebr1m online to get the Br1m assistance payment. With online facility, the old people who are getting the payments already can update their information for any changes. This helps them to update and get the information easily. By using this online service, the government can also manually provide BR1M payment help to the required people quickly and precisely. The application forms of the people applied online are evaluated by the companies and then transfer the required and right recipients who really need this help to the government. Now, the government will send the Br1M help payment to those people and families with low-income. The BR1M 2018 program is an upgraded form to the previous year’s BR1M which makes the people comfortable to use this program.

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