Ultimate Survival Ways Which You Can Apply In Emergency Situation

Ultimate Survival Ways Which You Can Apply In Emergency Situation

During a food shortage, you can eat like a king if you know how our ancestors fed ourselves in the past? Our ancestors ate when there was no electric oven or refrigerator. In the present scenario freeze dried meats technique is in right option to prepare for an emergency situation.

Find Out How Our Ancestors Survived?

They survived even when they didn’t have modern tools for preserving. This clearly signifies that the absence of modern-day facilities cannot stop us from surviving. You just need to know how doing it with simple tools like a piece of metal? How to hunt the animals and preserve their meat for an extended period of time? You can also opt for the process of drying and smoking meat.

Our ancestors were healthy and lived longer lives than we are. That time there were less health challenges and fewer diseases like diabetes and coronary heart diseases. The crux is that modern-day lifestyle and processed food items with high amount of chemicals and preservatives are complicating our lives.

Do You Know How To Cut Dry And Smoke Meat?

You may be aware of only one way as how to cook meat. In order to prepare for an emergency situation, you are supposed to find out how to cut the meat by yourself and how to smoke it?


Are You Ready For The Food Shortage?

What will happen if a hurricane can take the power grid down and due to this, transportation and communication will come to a standstill. With millions of tons of food will stop on the route and it may take a couple of days or sometimes weeks to regulate it. Larger cities will run out of food because of dense population.Whether it happens due to a natural disaster or any other problem, it will leave you with little facilities to spend your normal life. You can also store, freeze dried meats for an emergency situation.

If you are aware about the primitive ways of smoking meat, then you will survive without any problem.

Smoking Meat

The art of a smoking meat is a fantastic way to preserve it and it is thousands of years old technique. In ancient times people were cutting meat and hanging it to dry. Over the period of time people discovered that by adding salt to the meat will increase its shelf life along with improving its taste. The process of curing and smoking had passed from one civilization to the next.

Cold Smoking

This is a process by which you can flavor the meat without cooking it.

  • First of all you have to make the pellicle of the meat.
  • After some time the meat will get dehydrated. You don’t need to dehydrate it completely by the smoke. You are supposed to heat it at a temperature around 20°C to 30°C.

Hot Smoking

In hot smoking you also have to hang it and make pellicle. The main difference between these two is the temperature. In this kind of preparation, keep the temperature around 50°C to 80°C. Generally, hot smoking is followed by cooking the meat, but most of the time, hot smoked food is already edible.

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