How to make secured bitcoin transaction?

How to make secured bitcoin transaction?

Bitcoins are to be secured and also the Bitcoin Wallets. The Bitcoin wallets security is important as there are lot of chance to theft and hacking of the private keys. There are actually two ways in which the Wallet can be secured:

Bitcoin wallets security

  • Protection against theft
  • Protection against loss

In order to protect your data there are couple of measures which could be taken which will prevent the loss as well as the theft of your wallets data. A very simple thing is to use Paper Wallets. Paper wallets are nothing but storing of your Bitcoin in a physical location apart from computer. When stored in such offline storage media, it helps to secure the data from hacking and viruses. There are specific websites which help the users to create user specific Paper Wallets and help to store the private key that is generated. To generate the safest Paper Wallet, save the paper wallet generating code to an external storage media. Then disconnect the Internet and reboot your computer. Once we have made sure that the paper wallet generator is not interacting with the online services, we can then use the external storage media to take the print outs of the paper wallets and store them away safely. Paper Wallets are generally not affected by Malware thus providing you perfect security.

Another way is by keeping your Bitcoin client software fully updated. These software versions usually come with bug fixes and other security level fixes thus providing higher level of privacy with each version. So the users must ensure that their system client is fully updated with the latest versions and bug fixes. End of day, the user must make sure that the system they are using for their transactions and storage is well protected from malwares, viruses and any other tool which may be used to make copies of the important data and passwords. All these can be done only when you have the digital currency, it can be obtained easily through bitcoin games.

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