How Can You Get The Direct Entry Stream Under Subclass 186 Scheme

The employer nomination scheme is an Australian visa for skilled workers for which one needs to be nominated by an Australian employer and also apply under one of the streams. The direct entry stream visa for Australia is one of the streams of the employer nomination scheme or subclass 186. For this visa one needs to have certain skills and atleast 3 years of work experience in the required occupation.

The skill assessment that one needs to have depends on the type of occupation that a person wants to do and also differs accordingly. There are some occupations under the direct stream that require a certain qualification; so one needs to be careful about all the things before applying for the direct entry stream visa in Australia.

Eligibility for the visa

  • One needs to be nominated by an Australian employer within the 6 months before one applies.
  • A person should be under the age of 45 while applying under the direct entry stream.
  • The applicant should have the necessary skills necessary for the visa at the time of application.
  • Language proficiency is another necessary requirement for the direct entry visa. One needs to score atleast 60 points under this category as Australia has a point based system.
  • A person also needs to qualify and complete the necessary health and character requirements; for which a person needs to submit the health examination report and a police certificate.
  • Need to submit an expression of interest.

Skill assessment

direct entry stream visa in Australia

Skill assessment is necessary under the direct entry stream but in a few cases the skill assessment is not made:

  • In case of researchers, scientists who are nominated by Australian government agency.
  • Those nominated by Australian university.
  • People who are New Zealand citizens or have family member in New Zealand are exempted from this and also from fulfilling the age requirements.

Language requirement

In order to get the visa under the direct stream one needs to fulfil the following language requirements:

  • Applicant needs to pass the English language test as it is necessary for applying under this stream.
  • One also needs to submit the evidence of the English language proficiency.

The benefits enjoyed

  • Stay in Australia for as long as one wants.
  • Enjoy the medicare facilities of Australia which are mainly enjoyed by the citizens.
  • Apply for the Australian citizenship.
  • Sponsorship of the family member eligible for PR.
  • Travel to and fro from Australia for 5 years from the date of issue.

Payment and processing time

One needs to pay for the visa in two steps:

  • First payment needs to be paid while submitting the application.
  • The second payment needs to be done as and when told.

The processing time for this visa is 10 months for 75 percent of the applications and 15 months for 90 percent of the applications. The processing time for all the visas under the employer nomination scheme is different.