Exercises to stay fit without use of any equipment

There are many websites to help find simple workouts which can maintain your fitness, no matter where you find yourself. But some of these exercises could even mislead you as not all the exercises are meant for everyone. The sowo amazing plan website is one of the best fitness websites that provides you with clear guidance on maintaining your weight.

Many would think that exercising always needs some equipment like treadmill or cross trainer. However there are plenty of exercises you can find at sowo amazing plan¬†which doesn’t need any equipment. Just by using your own body, these below given versatile exercises can help you plan a whole body workout that ideally suits your abilities and needs.

Jumping Jacks
As interesting as it sounds, Jumping jacks can be really exhausting at times and burns high calories. This exercise is great for muscle toning especially calves and deltoids and helps in improving your cardiovascular health. You can start with 10 reps and increase the number later on. Begin by standing with your two feet together and then start jumping as you spread your arms and legs. End a rep by coming back to the initial position and continue for more.

Prefer Cat Camel Stretch
Stretching exercises are the most popular exercises that help in toning of muscles. These exercises even preventing arthritis. Stretching exercises can be either dynamic or static. Generally, dynamic stretching exercises like cat-camel stretch help you more for performing rest of the exercises in the morning. They work as good warm-up exercises. These exercises are also helpful after any long sedentary work periods. To do this exercise, just kneel down with your two hands and two legs on the floor and then round your back like a camel such that your head will bend till your pelvis. After takingthis camel position, shift to a cat position by lowering and lifting your head so that your lower back is arched. Repeat these movements about four to five times slowly and smoothly.

Go for a walk or a run
Wherever you plan your vacation, you can surely find someplace to walk or run. It is better to do it outside so that you can connect with nature. However, if you have a treadmill, then running inside your room, is also as good as outside walk in burning calories. Walking helps your heart to stay healthy and keeps your blood pressure low. You can increase the time of your walk as well as the length of your walk as you prefer. Start with walking and switch to running. With a walk of 30 minutes daily, you can have quite a few health benefits. You can improve the strength of your bones and at the same time can maintain your ideal weight.