What is the impact of corporate videos on business audience?

What is the impact of corporate videos on business audience?

Many businesses are starting to realize just how important video production is when it comes to winning in the corporate world. Through corporate video production, you can tell your story to your audience, reach more people, and even nurture existing clients. However, producing corporate videos is more than just shooting a few scenes and letting the social media do its trick. You also want to ensure that your videos are valuable and of the highest quality to achieve the success your business wants in a video.

If this is your first time to create a video and you want to make sure it will be a success, you want to hire a company that has the expertise needed to produce effective corporate videos.

Here are ways these corporate videos can positively impact your business audience:

You Will Be Able to Reach Visual Learners

Today’s consumer audience has a very short attention span and is no longer comprised of just auditory learners. According to recent statistics, consumers remember about 10% of what is heard and 20% of what is seen, and most importantly they remember 50% of what they have heard and seen. This makes videos highly engaging and highly effective in ensuring that you are able to capture your audience’s attention.

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Better Presentation of the Product, Service, or Brand

Image can add life to images and can greatly enhance communication. Therefore, since corporate can speak about your brand, products, or services, itcan give an emotional bonding with the audience and can even help in building and nurturing the trust of your targeted audience. With a lot of information being presented to viewers, it could leaveyour audience in a confused state. By giving them corporate videos related to their searches, it would give them a good understanding for the particular search.

Showcase Your Brand Story

Another great thing about a corporate video is that it can be used as a best way to showcase your brand. In just a short span, you can tell your brand story and cover all the information you need to share. Through adding a pinch of creativity in your videos, it can work wonders in attracting visitors.

Good for Online Ranking

You can find your website on top of search engines through the use a good corporate video. More than just watching or hearing ads online, people enjoying watching and listening.You can also add the video to your landing page to reduce bounce rates. Google even ranks those websites on top that have a lot of engagement. Therefore, by adding a video to your website, you can make it more SEO friendly.

If your staff members are already swamped with tasks or do not have the skills to finish the task, there are always corporate video production companies who are willing to help you. One of the best companies in Singapore you can trust is Reelmedia. They have years of experience in producing quality videos and helping businesses reach their digital marketing goals.

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