Things to be Considered for Agency New Business Pitching

Pitch describes the proposals of the agency to promote a product or a service. It states the goals for the campaign of a particular product or service and describes how it will deliver the results for business to business industry. It can make or crack any deal of business. So, it should be effective enough to crack the deal of an advertising agency especially when you have just started a new business. Check out the key considerations to keep in mind for agency new business pitching.

Target the Right Audience in Your Pitch 

The first thing you should consider is to make the pitch for the audience you are pitching to. If the audience is well targeted in the agency new business pitching then it will definitely be effective to drive success. For example – If it is for a client then the pitch should contain the benefits of products or services. It should clearly mention the uniqueness of the product or service already existing in the market. If it for an investor then it should contain story as investors get bored with spreadsheets, valuations and numbers. Also, share the revenue model as they are interested in knowing that how they can make more money.

Understanding the Main Goal of New Business

It is very important to understand the main objective of new business of an agency to plan the strategy and marketing tactics accordingly. You need to do a thorough research on the topic and try to think out of the box while preparing the pitch for any new business. So that you can present something unique that nobody is offering in the market. Also, it is not the replication of the same idea that is used by their competitor. As industry always demands new and innovative ideas. And if you present what agency is looking for then it’s a win- win situation for you.

Men shaking hands. Confident businessman shaking hands with each
Men shaking hands. Confident businessman shaking hands with each

Context of the Pitching

Once you know the right audience and main objective of your pitch then the next thing you should consider is the context. For a client, the context of the pitching is how can you drive more customers or sales to him and meet his business objectives. For the investors, the pitching should focus on how you can make him earn more money through your current revenue model. Try to be a problem solver throughout your pitch and present the case study of your successful deals.So, consider these three things to write an effective pitch for new business of an agency.