The biography of Martin Sumichrast

The biography of Martin Sumichrast

There are people that make their name by working hard and also taking the work as their passion and desire. There are numerous of people that have proved this thing and one of the people that have the popularity in all over the world is the Martin Sumichrast. He is the chairman of board of also the vice chairman of the firm that is Siskey capital LLC. The person is said to be the responsible per that is able to handle the management and strategic initiatives of all special purpose and private equity funds of the firm. He is great person that also serves as a Trustee and Chairman of the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Babson Capital Growth.


Now he is also the chairman of the KURE Corp.  It is the corporation that is related to the vaping and you can say that it is a vaping industry. Technology and KURE’s continued growth despite the FDA’s recent announcement of new regulations and it is FDA reports that they will require new warnings for nicotine and registrations for blending nicotine juice. Martin is confident of doing the standard business procedures that has always included prohibiting sales to minors and child safety caps. He is very much confident that their products will stand up to regulatory and legal scrutiny and have every intention of working with FDA.

He has the strategy that changes in a more positive light to bring consolidation to the industry and able to spearhead new trends for healthy vaping, more than 20% of KURE’s e-juice sales are nicotine free. He has rolled out their “Race to Zero” initiative to encourage vapors to replace nicotine with other healthy vaping alternatives and he is also confident that the industry will easily push through regulatory impositions.

KURE corp. was founded by a team of entrepreneurs and principals who have over 20 years of taking start-ups to profitability and company views regulatory challenges as part of the expansion process for a new business in a virtually new industry. It is a private company based in Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in the global distribution of e-Juices,   vaporizing pens, and related accessories. In order to get more information about this company than you can logon to the internet because Kure is having its own site and all the updates that are very much available on this site and you can have all types of details from their site.


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