How to help the youth in your locality

How to help the youth in your locality

Youth is the future. If today’s youth do not get the right direction, then the future of this world is in danger. That is why we need to work more on youth. We should help the at-risk youth to bring a better future for all of us. People always think about how they can contribute to the development of youth. So, let us look at some ways you can contribute to the development of the youth. You can contact bashir dawood in order to help kids in your area.

 Providing proper education for the youth

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This is the one variable which is must for the overall development of the youth. No matter how much money, job o accommodation you provide, those things will not bring any fortune unless the person is educated. You can find those young people in your neighborhood who are school dropout and try to bring them back to the school. It is understandable that it is impossible for a person to ensure the education of all young people in the locality. That is why you can arrange education for a particular boy/girl. Thus, is every person takes the responsibility for education for one young people, then automatically the whole youth generation will get a proper education.

bashir Dawood works with other organizations to help young generations. So, contact him for such collaborations.

Contact to philanthropists to help the youth

There are a lot of philanthropists out there who want to help people. You can talk to them and ask them to help the poor at-risk youth in your area. For example, the Dawood family helps at-risk youth in association with the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre in Singapore. You can contact them ask them to help you to change the fortune of the kids in your neighborhood.


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