College grads and financial boot camp

College grads and financial boot camp

As the college graduations wrap up, it’s the time to start understanding and building the business goals for the future. Some may be ready to join their first jobs, others may be still searching, and rest are still in the hangover of college days. New college grads, as soon as they come out, should think about their student loan, saving for future like a savings account, emergency fund, and even saving for retirement. There are many things which should be considered like life insurance, health insurance, credit cards, and mortgages as well. You could check here for more information.

Prioritising and planning

Anyway, the priority should be, for the new grad is to understand where they stand. First, they should make a list with two columns. One side they should write what they own right now, and onthe other hand, they should write what they owe. So they must note down asset on one side and liabilities on the other. On the side which carries responsibilities, try to break down different kinds of debts like auto, credit card, and student loan along with interest.

In the majority of the cases, at this point, new grads will have more liabilities than assets. So, you will have more to owe than your own. Now it’s time to build some plan, the goal for paying off the debt which carries the highest interest. One by one go down and reach the obligations with lesser interest rates.

financial boot camp

In case if the new grad has a student loan along with some other consumer debt, it is always better to pay a minimal amount towards the student loan. Pay entire amount for that consumer debt which you carry. In case if he has only student loan then along with paying the full amount, try to make some extra payments as well. This will help in accelerating the payoff time.

Tracking and controlling spending

It is always better to follow the expenditures at an early age. So, this will help in planning and allocating the money needed for debt. It is better to utilise the apps which are meant to monitor the expenses. These will help in showing you off with where you can save and how much you are spending.

Along with paying off the debts, new grads must also think about keeping some money towards their emergency fund. You must also target to save at least 6- 12 months of expenses in the emergency fund. Alongwith this, one more thing that new grads should think about if having an interest-bearing savings account. The money which you try putting here will be for the financial goals of your future.

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