10 Worst Trucks/SUVs for Gas Mileage

In this era of environmental responsibility and economic hardship, people are generally interested in using as little fuel as possible to get where they need to be. Whether carpooling or downsizing their vehicles, travelers everywhere are making earnest attempts to curb gasoline consumption. Still, there are situations in which we need or want to drive powerful SUVs or pickup trucks. For people who fall into this category, or for those with a morbid curiosity, below is a list of the worst gas-guzzlers among trucks and SUVs. If you’re looking for a smaller bill at the pump, you might want to avoid these monsters.

Note: All gas mileage and cost data are taken from FuelEconomy.gov, an informational web site provided by the U. S. Department of Energy. On that site, the yearly fuel cost for a given vehicle is based on assumptions of 45% highway/55% city driving, 15000 annual miles, and a fuel cost of $2.82/gallon. In ranking the vehicles, these factors are taken into account, along with a healthy dose of subjectivity. supply chain logistics


  1. Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG (11 MPG in the city/15 MPG on the highway): The clear “winner” in terms of cost to drive and environmental factors. Add to that the Mercedes name and concomitant purchase price, and there is really no contest here.
  2. Nissan Titan 4WD Pickup (12 city/17 highway): This truck is truly a “Titan” of inefficiency, and it even comes in a convenient E85 version that weighs in at 9 miles-per-gallon in the city and 13 MPG on the highway.
  3. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 AWD (12 city/16 highway): The ubiquitous Cherokee maintains its popularity after many years as a standard-bearer in the SUV market. The Jeep can go almost anywhere, but you’d better bring some extra gas for those out-of-the-way locales.
  4. Toyota Tundra 4WD Pickup (13 city/17 highway): Very popular and very hungry.
  5. Porsche Cayenne Trans Siberia (11 city/ 17 highway): These stellar numbers are for the MANUAL version. Yikes!
  6. GMS Yukon XL 1500 2WD (12/19): All this in a 2WD.
  7. Hummer H3 4WD (13/16): A list like this wouldn’t be complete without a Hummer, even if it’s of the scaled-down H3 variety.
  8. Nissan Armada 2WD FFV (12/18): Another stellar 2WD performer.
  9. Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup 4WD (13/18): Huge truck with a huge belly.

10.Ford Ranger 4WD (14/18): Not a huge truck, but still a healthy appetite.

There you have them: ten of the best fuel-burners on the market.


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