Things to know about air operated double diaphragm pump

The internal mechanism of the double diaphragm pump might vary subtly between brands and it is the general working principle which is applicable to all moves. It has two diaphragms and it could be connected by the shaft in center section. It could be working as separation wall between liquid and air. Basically air-operated double diaphragm pump could be introduced to market over 60 years ago and it is providing positive displacement and seal less alternative to the centrifugal pumps. There are excellent numbers of the reasons are there to choose this pump such as multiple options for construction, safety, simplistic design, flexibility and discharge capability. Simplicity of the AODD pumps might make it appealing to everyone from amateur to the professional users.

air-operated double diaphragm pump

It could be described as plug in and play product because it is connected to the compressed airline. It is used throughout mining industry and it is offering awesome advantages over other pump designs such as simplicity, no electricity, abrasive materials, viscous liquids and gentle pumping. Air operated double diaphragm pump might handle huge varities of the fluid viscosities. Pumping of the waste fluid is crucial requirement in host of the different industries. It might contain few moving parts rather than other kinds of the pumps. The main work parts are valve seats, valves and diaphragms. It is environmental friendly and most of the use oil free compressed air for the pollution free operation. AODD is type of the positive displacement pump which is using compressed air as power source.