Tax benefits of business incorporation

It is a great deal of happiness when you start your business. The happiness reaches the peak when you incorporate it. The reasons are many. Among all the reasons, the tax benefits in singapore business incorporation are considered to be the main point. Well, let’s see the benefits that the incorporation gives us in terms of tax.

Deducting losses from the income tax

The most exciting benefits that incorporations give you are that if your company are into losses then you can deduct the losses amount from your income take payments. It becomes extremely beneficial who have just started their business and have opted for incorporation. At the starting, the expenditure becomes high and the profits low. This is where you can benefit by deducting the money from income tax.

Benefits deduction from tax

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Being the owner of a company, you have to look for several benefits for your employees. You have to give them medical insurance, travel expense etc. However, these are taxes that you have to pay. The benefits that have incorporation are that in case if the expense you have a 100 percent deductible if you are incorporated. Not only this has all the premiums that you pay fallen under the deductible category.

Social Security deduction on tax

In the case of self-employed, the profit you get is seen as your personal income. Hence, a tax has to be given to the government. However, if your company is incorporated then the whole profit isn’t seen as an income but the amount you take home is taken as an income. Hence the tax you pay in here is very much less than that of self-employed.


If you have not incorporated your business, you can soon decide and do singapore business incorporation to bear the tax relaxations that you get easily.