Is public’s interest in celebrities’ finances a threat to their privacy?

These days, when it comes to celebrities, the first thing that fans wish to know is the person’s financial status. And, privacy activists from around the world believe that showing interest in anyone’s finances is nothing but an invasion of privacy.

Experts also believe that some people actually start becoming jealous after looking at the revenue of stars.

This point has been proved in the past when some people expressed satisfaction after Jose Canseco, Mike Tyson, and Terrell Owens filed for bankruptcy. The three celebrities ended up losing all their money, and people expressed extreme satisfaction after reading about the same.

People’s interest in such issues is pretty old. Before around eighty years, Babe Ruth (New York Yankee slugger) made more than $80,000 during certain months. This information was available in the public domain. During a press conference, journalists asked the player if his salary was justifiable when the country faced unemployment and depression. On being asked if he is making more than the president, Ruth justified his earnings and said he had a better year than the President Herbert Hoover.

Journalists cannot be blamed

There is no point in blaming journalists alone for publishing such information. Such articles are often published with support from celebrities (sportsmen and movie stars) who themselves love to reveal details about how much they make annually and how they spend as a part of their lifestyle. They even release information about their mortgage payment, property rent, laundry bills, shopping, etc.

Privacy activists blame individuals for releasing such explicit details and suggest that this information should only be revealed in front of family members as well as taxmen. People should not reveal anything personal and it’s not significant to others.

It is clear that more and more people are showing interest in such details as days pass by. How much do they earn? How much do they have? How much do their competitors have? Such questions can be pointless for the public and may even degrade their life. But, anyway, websites have to cater the information that people want and celebrity net worth offers just that.