How to help the people who are in need?

Donation is a service to help people who are in need. The people can donate whatever things they are having like dresses, money, furniture, and much more. It is not simply giving the remaining or waste things, and it is the means of giving quality materials to the people who are really in need. GoodCity is an organization that helps the people by their services, and a crossroads foundation operates this. A lot of volunteers are working here to help the people, and more sponsors are available to help this foundation either technically or by giving funds.

Genuine helpers can trust this because it ensures only quality items for the people in need. It reviews the quality of materials sent by the donors through expert volunteers. There is an application for this trust which people can access through mobile or any other electronic devices.

Donors can book for transport to send the materials through the app, or else they can arrange their own transport. The goodwill furniture donation renders the needy people with lots of equipment like tables, courts, shelves, sofas, washers, refrigerators, etc. These accept the furniture items from donors which are new or gently used ones. It also helps the donors with donation value by marking the fair value to the furniture.

The process of donation includes:

  • The people who want to offer the goods first take the photograph of the items and send it to through applications.
  • Trained volunteers examine the items to ensure their quality.
  • The selection of transport depends on the individual.
  • Social workers help this organization by collecting specific needs.
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