Choose the best office safe for your business

Your priorities and requirements will determine which office safe is best for your business. It also depends on the amount of available space. There are different variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Take all possibilities into account before making a final decision on your office security. There are different styles of Mantonsafe office safes you have to choose the right one according to the installation chances.

Floor safeĀ 

For most office cases, the floor safe is very normal. These safes are quite big, and they are also quite heavy. They can be bolted to the ground and attached to the walls as necessary. The floor safe can hold a lot of documents and valuables, and a robber will have a hard time carrying it all. The use of a combination and key lock system is very popular in offices.

Wall safe

Most people have seen the wall safe in movies. Unfortunately, they have been noticed by burglars and thieves as well. However, there are still some inventive ways to mount a wall safe. They’re smaller, and they’re only an option if the space between your office and the next one allows for it. You won’t be able to keep a lot of important documents or valuables here. Again, it is dependent on the needs of your workplace.

Inside floor safe

Because of the installation specifications, in-floor safes are not as common in office spaces. This type of safe can be an innovative choice for hiding your valuables if your office is in a business that follows the installation requirements. This office safes is hidden underneath the floor. A carpet or a piece of office furniture may be used to hide it. It can be purchased with the access options that you want.

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