Easy Steps to Create Xbox Live Free account

Easy Steps to Create Xbox Live Free account

Xbox live is an online game where multiple numbers of players can play. You can enjoy the demo Xbox games, rent and download the movies with the current updates on your own. It has the feature of multiplayer gaming with internet access on your television. There are two versions in the Xbox live is Xbox Live Free and Xbox Live Gold. You can play this game from anywhere at any time. Creating own account is the basic step to play Free Xbox Live games.

There will be code duration to play the Free Xbox Live. You must login to the membership from the Xbox live to start the game. There are 3 various memberships are on live to select.

  • Xbox Live 1 month – Bronze Membership
  • Xbox Live 3 months – Silver Membership
  • Xbox Live 12 months – Gold Membership

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We have some important procedures to create the Xbox Live free account. Here, we have 2 basic steps to be followed.

Step 1: Create a Microsoft account

  1. First, you have to create an Email ID before creating an account in the Xbox live
  2. If you already have the account, then you can sign in to the game directly
  3. Login your Microsoft account by providing the required details in it
  4. You will receive a verification code to login successfully
  5. Proceed the process by providing the user name and the password

Step 2: Login Xbox Live Free account with Microsoft account

  1. Once created with the Microsoft account, you can create the Xbox Live account
  2. Click on the Xbox Live Free sign in page to create a free account
  3. Now, select the option that reads “Join Now for Free”
  4. Enter your email id and password to address you in the Xbox live game
  5. Then you must read the terms and conditions of the game
  6. Finally, click on the create option to login

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